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9:00-9:30     Registration

9:30- 9:45    Opening ceremony

                    Conference introduction G.Stamboltsyan            
9:45-10:30   Lecture “Aesthetic Breast surgery:                                
                    Augmentation, mastopexy and reduction”  

10:30-11:15 Lecture “How Rhinoplasty Affects the  
                    Airway” M.Constantian

11:15-11:30 Discussion

11:30-12:00 Coffee brake

12:00-12:30 Lecture “The oncological Safety of  
                    oncoplastic surgery” and “ALCL:  
                    Update, Diagnosis and Treatment”            

12:30-13:00 Lecture “Prefabricated composite grafts     
                    as „like  tissues“ for maxillofacial  
                    reconstruction”  and  “Contour plasty of            
                    the Face by Distraction Osteogenesis’’    
                    Kurt Vinzenz          

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:00 Video presentation    
                    "Pre pectoral breast reconstruction"
                    M. Nahabedian 

15:00-15:30 Lecture “How to Achieve a Straight  
                    Profile and Optimal Proportion”
                    M Constantian

15:30-16:00 ‘’Body Sculpting: Artistry, Technique and        
                    Pitfalls’’ Sara Yegiyants

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break

16:30-16։45 “Aesthetic abdominoplasty,      
                    accentuating umbilical region”
                    R. Adamyan

16:45-17։00 “Nipple  sparing and skin    
                     sparing mastectomies in the large ptotic  
                     breast, our experience and challenges”      
                     Nerses Berberian

 17։00-17։45 Lecture “Flaps vs. Implant: how to use  
                     both effectively in your reconstructive  
                     Practice” M.Nahabedian

 17:45-18:15 Discussion



9:00 -9:45   Lecture “. Understanding and Treating Secondary                             Rhinoplasty Deformities.”  

9:45-10:30  Lecture  ‘Secondary rhinoplasty.   
|                  Functional and aesthetic management.”                     
                   M. Cohen

10:30-10:45 Lecture “Internal RF lipo-tightening”      
                   Salvatore Pagano

10:45-11:45 Video presentation   M. Constantian  

11:45-12.15 Coffee brake

12:15-12:25 “Experience of a young surgeon  
                     in a regional hospital” Davit Smoyan

12:25-12:35 “Total Face lifting with caprolacton treads”

                     Fouad Reda
12:35-12:55 “Face Lipofilling”                         
                     Armen Hovhannisyan   Narek Hovhannisyan

12:55-13:05 “Golden tree of aesthetic medicine” Magda Kotanjyan

13:05-13:20 Augmentation mammoplasty          
                    planning technique : Natural Beauty”
                    Vardan Arshakyan

13:20-13:30  “Acute vision loss during hyaluronic acid injection”

                    Svetlana Pervikh

13:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-15:15 Lecture “Body contouring after weight loss surgery
                    current thoughts/ future directions” M.Cohen

15:15-15:45 Lecture “Deformities of nostrils columella          
                    and caudal septum” M Constantian

15:45-16:00 "Achievements of modern breast cancer  surgery in 
                    Armenia."   A.Avetisyan

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break

16:30-16:45 “Blepharoplasty (upper lid and                                   
                    transconjuctival lower lid) is essential to
                    be combined with fat transplantation”
                    Njde Hambarchyan

16:45-17:00 “RFAL technology on BodyTite” Vardan Arshakyan

17:00-17:20 “Aesthetic Aspects of Face Reconstruction”

                    Armen Hovhannisyan

17:20-17:35 Scars and Their treatment” 
                    Qristina Grigoryan

17:35-17:55 “Musculocutaneous Flaps from the Upper  Eyelid”                            Armen  Hovhannisyan,                                      
                    Robert Avagyan, Norair Chkhrikyan

17:55-18:30 Closing Ceremony

   The event will take place in the comfortable Conference Hall of ibis Yerevan Center Hotel, located on Yerevan pedestrian shopping street.


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